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Healpy: a Healpix python wrapper

Healpy is a python wrapper of the Healpix package.

Healpy is based on the C++ Healpix library and relies on Numpy (mandatory), matplotlib (for graphical part, optional) and pyfits for FITS I/O. It gives access to:

  • Pixel/spherical coordinate transforms : ang2pix, pix2ang and related functions
  • spherical harmonics transforms: map2alm, alm2map and higher level functions (anafast, synfast, smoothing etc.)
  • plotting functions: mollview and gnomview
  • Fits functions : read_map and write_map (through pyfits)

The current version is 0.9.2. For easiness, Healpy is distributed with the Healpix C++ library and Healpix data needed.

You can contact me for further information (rosset at